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In a world where technology drives success, we at TECH115 are here with comprehensive tech-driven products. We pitch our clients on to a success ladder of achieving their goals. We make sure, our clients are ahead of all in the cutting edge competition.
We build some fascinating Business applications that can achieve you with the desired business goals while aligning to the deadline.
We develop Games that are way ahead with just entertaining, that offer a great experience.

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Enhance your Business with our Business Applications

Business Applications can be termed as an optimum amalgamation of Technology in order to enhance your business functions internally as well externally. We deliver custom-designed Tech-driven business applications which overall enhances your productivity, saves considerable time and bring financial gains. We make sure all your needs associated with Manufacturing processes, Sales Management, Internet of Things (IoT) & User Management are well taken care off.

Business Application
Sales Application
Process Application
User Application
Manufacturing Application
IoT Application

Get Addicted with our Awesome Game Development

In today’s time gaming and entertainment are the very part of the lifestyle. Since games have been played by a lot of users and tech-savvy people. We offer our clients with some of the very unique, adaptive & memorable games. We can fulfill all your requirements associated with 2D Games, 3D Games, Multiplayer Games & VR Games. Since game development is more about the technical expertise of the team working upon it & storyline prepared by creative minds. We offer state-of-the-art gaming experiences to clients.

2D Game Development
3D Game Development
Multiplayer Games
VR Game Development
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Automate Users Life with Our IoT App Development

IoT has become the need of the hour for growing businesses. We bring our clients IoT Developments services with superior power-driven resources that we leverage through our expertise. We provide our clients with a growth environment & tight integration of both the software and hardware technologies. We make sure our developed IoT products empower the enterprise with their growth targets. Tech115 IoT Development products are focused towards enhancing your efficiency, user experience & digital business.

Industrial Automation
Smart Home
Agriculture Automation
IoT Applications
Vehicle Automation
Health Care Automation

AcessS & Take Control With Our Wearable App Development

Since the technology-driven era is changing very vehemently, we can make sure you are ahead of all. Smart wearables are one such thing, we develop to the finest. At TECH115, we develop Wearable Applications which are not only suitable for standard uses but also able to make your overall life easier through tailored solutions. We always leave a paradigm of designs & Technology in our products. Our products are equally focused on IoS platforms as well as Android platforms. We believe in delivering end results which offer a mesmerizing as a well personal touch to users leading to overall enhanced business.

Smart Watches
Smart Jwellery
Fitness Trackers
Smart Clothing
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Expand your Business with Product App Development

TECH115 is one such leading company that works to keep their clients updated in terms of technology. In order to sustain the cutting edge competition, we are continuously improving in the maintenance of existing software and developing the latest ones. Our clients are completely relaxed with the project associated with new product development, modifying existing products, migrating to another platform, SaaS-based product development. We make all projects with the worlds highest level of quality controls in practice.

Rental Platforms
Health Care
Hiring Platforms
On-Demand Platforms

Get a Powerful & Strong Team With our Resource Hiring

Recruiting the right resources for your company is a crucial task, it can and likely will make or break you. We help our clients with customized Resource Hiring including system applications in order to manage their recruitment drives. We create some very advanced applications that can segregate out the applicant information based upon the grade, required skill set, and qualifications. Our users are facilitated with multiple job portals in order to connect with the right candidate. Our Resource Hiring applications help users in scheduling interviews and tracking the overall progress with a feedback system. Need a system for onboarding after the hire, we can provide that as well.

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Tech 115 has been the Largest Global Software Company with business experts in almost every industry, making it the best company to work with.

Why Tech115?

Developer’s Logic

With every project, the business analyst team defines the logic to get the output in the best way. It’s not just on what you code, it’s more about how you code it.

User’s Feeling

The most important aspect is feeling. Everything we design & develop, we make sure that the users get the right feeling with the right passion you intend for them to experience.

Technopreneur’s Mind

We understand technology, we understand business, and we know how to get technology into your business making it even more successful and convenient simultaneously.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

TECH 115 is a future driven company with years of experience in delivering world-class products.
We offer our extensible services in the Business Applications, Game Development, IoT Development, Wearable App Development, Product Development, and Resource Hiring.

We make sure all our products are top notch and based upon the growth-driven strategy. Come along with TECH 115 to join the future of technology-driven growth.