No matter what industry you belong to, consistently improving process efficiency is crucial to growth

Business process management application is a one of the important assets of an organization that must be understood, managed and developed to announce and deliver value-added products and services to clients or customers.

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What is Business Process Management Application?

Any combination of methods used to manage a company’s business processes is Business process management. Business process management is a discipline in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes.

Business process management application allows organizations to manage, automate and optimize their recurring business processes. It generally consists of a customizable digital form to collect information for the process and an automated workflow of tasks to process the information. They exist to make processes more efficient and exert more control over the process.

Why Process Management Application for Your Business?

The traditional pen-and-paper method of business process management results with inconsistencies, loopholes and human errors.
Business Process Management Application gives you a way to employ control over standard processes in your organization. They can reduce the time it takes to process items, improves communication and obtains more oversight into how a process is functioning in real-time.

In short, they are perfect to bring order to chaotic processes and improve efficiency.

Value-Based Concept We Offer

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Cutting costs

Increasing accountability

Driving competitive advantages

Reducing inefficiencies

Improving business agility

Simplifying operations

Customers Satisfaction

Industries We Serve

Business Process Management Application are built purely to improve productivity, any industry can benefit from using them.

  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance)

  • Manufacturing Industries

  • Hospitals and Healthcare centers

  • Agriculture

  • Food processing units

Why Business Process Management Application by TECH115?

Tech115 has an end goal of improving corporate performance. We provide a systematic approach to managing and optimizing a company’s business processes. Business process management applications by Tech115 usually facilitate designing, modeling, implementing and measuring workflows, business rules. It helps companies to refine and optimize processes that involve human interaction or multiple business applications. Tech115 aims to reduce inefficiencies, human error, and miscommunications.
We ensures that no details are lost and the processes are executed smoothly thereby improving staff productivity as well as offering employees a hassle-free experience. Tech115 can elevate your organization’s productivity, efficiency and give you a significant advantage against your competitors.

Keen on taking your organization’s productivity to the next level? Sign up with Tech115 and watch it transform your business.

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To make you more clear, here are some areas where they are being used extensively and with great results:

Purchase Order Process

When it comes to purchasing orders, multiple details can get lost along the way and cause unnecessary trouble. Some of the major stages include: Purchase order creation, Approval process, Processing the purchase order, Delivery, and Payment. Since organizations need multiple purchase orders fulfilled regularly to keep their businesses running, it is extremely risky to have a manual workflow in place. Business process management applications can make the entire purchase order process from creating an online purchase order till the payment elegantly simple.

Content Marketing

Content marketing as a process can often seem deceptively straightforward. The truth is that there are many tasks to go to produce the final output. Some aspects of content marketing include Writing, Editing, Designing, Optimizing content for search engines, Publishing, Distribution, Monitoring and Analytics, and insights. Business process management applications not only provide smooth workflows for content marketing processes, but they also allow stakeholders to identify redundancies, inefficiencies and fix them to achieve desired marketing outcomes.

Health Care Management

The process of hospitalization can be very arduous if not done right. Poor admissions and discharge process workflows alone can increase patients’ trauma. The admissions process involves multiple stages such as collecting patient information, obtaining medical records, checking insurance details, accommodating room preferences and so on. During the discharge process, hospital staff needs to complete tasks such as: Bill generation in consultation with various departments, Obtaining approval & payment from insurance companies to settle bills, Providing discharge summaries with input from relevant medical departments, and Setting up follow-up appointments. Hospitals need to manage all the updated records of patients on a regular basis. Business process management applications can make the entire process elegantly simple.