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For all us, know Google only loves you, when everyone else loves you first. Internet is presently one medium that has outraged offline businesses. Mostly thanks to Google rankings that are making brands into bigwigs. A Digital Marketing Company is one that works with your business in order to:-

  • Scale business operations
  • Attract online users through Social Media Marketing
  • Convert prospective buyers into loyal consumers
  • Generate and increase sales through online marketing
  • Drive revenue through digital marketing
  • Execute ROI-focused custom approach to individual clients helping grow your business
  • Create a campaign to ensure the fulfillment of business strategies to meet unique business objectives (long-term and short-term)
  • Outhustle competitors with pride
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Why Digital marketing company?

Before choosing amongst the many top digital marketing companies in 2020 to work for your business, make sure they offer the most popular services below:

SEO is so far one of the most powerful online marketing strategies that work to improve your website’s rankings in Google Analytics or search engine ranking pages (SERPs) so that the site grabs much higher traffic. With increased traffic and appropriate online sales strategy, brands also encounter an increase in sales and revenue. Tech115 offers SEO/ SEM Services unexampled. Though SEO can take some time (a few months) to deliver an evident increase in rankings, but the outcomes are well worth the wait.

In India alone, about 88% of people have a social profile out of which 72% remain active a quarter of day on social platforms. With such a sizable internet user base, sharing your company’s content strategically on Social media channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can allow businesses to get great online visibility, boost brand awareness and ultimately conversions.

PPC is another common yet best Digital Marketing Services provided by digital marketing companies. What makes this online advertising strategy most preferable is its cost-effectiveness and fruitfulness in targeting ideal customers based on keywords they search, demographic details, and more. PPC ads or CPC (Cost per Click) Services are also well-liked since they begin grabbing online traffic as soon as they go live.

Our Geo fencing and addressable (household) geofencing technology can give advertisers the competitive edge they’ve been looking for and that none of their competitors are using. See mobile location based advertising in action:

Personal Injury Lawyers wanting to reach accident victims at ER Centers, Hospitals, and Car Repair Centers

Trade Show Exhibitor who wants to advertise at an event

Car dealership who desires to target their competitor dealerships and measure foot traffic back to their showrooms.

Retailer or franchise wants to run a customer loyalty program, so they build geo fencing around their own stores to drive repeat customers and buyers.

Digital Marketing Agency wants to white label and resell and bring geo fence advertising solutions to its clients. We provide 24/7 On Demand Reporting & Analytics to our agency partners.

Leading online marketing companies offer this service due to its immensely low cost and high (ROI). Every INR you invest in email marketing can make you earn about its 40times— provided implementing a strategic way. Tech115 is amongst top digital marketing companies that can lead to a nurturing strategy.

Web design is like the lifeblood of online marketing since it acts as a digital business card for a brand. Without one, you not only go out of sight but won’t be ranked in SERPs, either!

Creative content is the backbone of any website. In the absence of this, the site won’t rank in search engines. And it’s why Tech115 offers Content Marketing services that set you apart from the competitors, creating useful content based on your target keywords so as to rank at the top in search results. Now! The best news is Tech115 has got you all covered! — even more. This is one supreme full-service online marketing company, also likely to offer custom web design.

Put simply, a brand representative or ambassador is someone with brilliant styling and photography skills that can help you promote your products via social media. Our close relationship with music labels, production companies, and more allow us to better serve our clients.

What makes Tech115 a top digital marketing company in 2020? Why Choose Tech115?

Choose Tech115 only if you seek to increase your sales, reach more customers, drive crazy traffic to your website, and convert visitors into faithful fans. Tech115 is for those companies who wish to flourish like fire, are not satisfied with the current state, & never settle for enough! Tech115, headquartered in the USA with a Global presence provides highly responsive solutions to businesses along with:-
  • Responsive professionals those are completely in-house

  • Transparency in terms of services, possible outcomes and pricing

  • Quality over Quantity testimonials that serves as the poll of reliability

  • Award-wining, hard-working and team of experts at the forefront of the industry

  • Creating campaign suggestions and marketing strategies understanding the current state of your website

  • Campaign reporting to allow clients for monitoring the performance of their campaigns and modify them as relevantly to attain even better results