Why an Entertainment App Development Company for You?

With revolutionary mobile solutions, the media industry has outstripped the antiquated entertainment platforms. Be it music, movies, videos or web series, everything can be watched over the Smartphone anywhere and anytime. So if your entertainment industry is deciding upon integrating OTT media, outsourcing entertainment App Development Company is the valued way to go.
The entire mechanism of accessing media and entertainment is immensely transformed with the emergence of app development for the entertainment industry. The media-entertainment industry is still in its embryonic stages into the IT automated app-driven world with its finesse to offering users with what they desire and by giving sizeable ROIs to the marketers. A dire need is of a proficient entertainment app development company to tackle the thriving entertainment industry.

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With the top of minds and latest technologies available, Tech streamlines clients as well their users to interact seamlessly, see each other’s data, choose what, where & when to watch-listen-read, and ultimately overhaul the Entertainment Industry.
Tech115 is a spinning top entertainment app development company brings you all the digital strides swinging to provide a better technological trigger to the entertainment lovers to enjoy their quality time online, with options like music streaming app, video streaming app, live video streaming app, on-demand movie streaming app or flexible social video/audio sharing app.
Some of the Tech top Entertainment App Development Solutions includes:-

  • Video App Development
  • On-demand Video/Movie App Development
  • Music Streaming App Development
  • Movie Streaming App Development
  • Mobility Service tools for Creative Studio
  • Gaming Solutions Studio
  • News Apps for Publishers, Media Houses, Magazines, etc
  • Photo Editing App Development

Value-Based Concept We Offer

We are a Media Entertainment App Development Company offering wideness of web and mobile app features in a solitary service. With the on-demand, comprehensive entertainment app, you will be in a position to target your customer base across different demography, industry, and sectors.

Tech115 has Entertainment App Solution services for clients with low, medium or low affordability. With higher operability and easy accessibility, media entertainment solutions offered by Tech115 can get businesses a higher rate of lead generation. Using a clear and effective designing process incorporating The UX/UI design in developing the apps not only results in improved user-friendliness but also a strong online presence.

To publicize a product/service or content was never so easy and effortless. Want to give a most enjoyable and remarkable entertainment experience to the users? Want to fly start from a blog reader to a media service provider? Tech115 makes you set free the expressway from perception to publication. We create an app for the entertainment industry which emphasizes the individual who loves to read and research which is now a key consideration.

Creating and updating playlists using Tech’s tool room offers the users with the service that’s as easy as a pie. An app centered on the media & entertainment industry needs in-depth intelligence to supplement specific services and structures that are compatible across systems to be offered to the end-users. We create a media entertainment app that combines intelligibility with lucidity allowing for easy research on consumer preferences. We feature your music and video streaming apps with getting recommendations from the customer on the new releases, live shows or concerts.

Though our premium Media Entertainment App Development, we let Artists and labels gain insight into their song log and playlist placements. What’s more appealing? Artists and labels even gain insight into their own audiences—Knowing—Who Listens To them When, Where, How. We facilitate the artists and Media Streaming management to have the power to engage the audience at a global level and even share content with multiple users/ groups/ community.

For Types of entertainment Apps including blogging and Music Streaming App Development, we make it potentially possible to generate revenue and gain enormous profits by introducing premium advertisement models. Our premium Revenue Structure in app development rests upon pre-roll, post-roll, and on the interface of the app letting upgrading accounts to premium services for additional features.

Tech115 developed personalized; premium entertainment app can have integration with social and professional platforms for chatting, emailing, dropping interest on portals to listen to specific music, concert or buying a book/journal and much more. The Upcoming live events and concerts are automatically updated in the App when tickets are sold through the partner platforms. Users can even set their gigs to the App thus getting updates on the go.

When an app is developed under Tech Entertainment App Creation for the entertainment industry, the artists are granted the facility to have access to analytics. Artists and Labels will have the access to the data about the song that is streamed countless times, even for each song, the number of visitors, unique visitor, loyal visitors, time spent-on-site and user interactions and bounce rate. We add Integrated Live Gigs that are no longer considered an integral part of media apps by Entertainment App Development Companies. People will also have the ability to access the app choosing any language of preference.

Industries We Serve

As a distinguished mobile and Entertainment App Development company, we deliver custom-tailored media solutions to help the entertainment industry business to captivate the interest of more consumers, greater goodwill and gaining lucrative profits. Key industries we have worked with include:-

  • Sports Events & Internet Gaming
  • Radio, TV & theater industry
  • Movie & entertainment industry
  • Music Companies
  • Event Management
  • Print & Publishing Industry
  • Motion picture industry
  • Animation industry

Why Choose Tech115 for Media & Entertainment Solutions?

One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with Media Entertainment is to stay connected with the market and the targeted audience. Understanding the passionate interests of your end-users, our expert developers deploy the in-depth knowledge of the industry in order to deliver hi-end, revolutionary mobility solutions for media & entertainment. In addition to:-
  • Uninterrupted communication facility to stay connected with the targeted audience

  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure, secure and confidential proposals

  • High Expertise and supportive Services to work with Media & Entertainment Industry

  • Resources & robustness to undertake complex projects for big organizations, joint ventures

  • Possessing a team of certified and prowess professionals

  • Modernized Hollywood flicks crafted mobile widgets capable of attracting masses

  • Simple UI tool for advance online booking Extensive research and analysis before starting any project

  • Agile project processes for innovative mobile & web app development

  • Cost-effectiveness and custom solutions to suit any size organization