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Talented people are TOUGH to find……but they are the core of your successful business. Recruitment is one of the crucial tasks of your company. Resource Hiring system applications help you to manage your recruitment drives. You are facilitated with multiple job portals in order to connect with the right candidate. It helps you to segregate out the candidate information based upon the grade, required skill set and qualifications. It helps you in scheduling interviews and tracking the overall progress with a feedback system.

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Why Resource Hiring?

Hiring software engineer or dedicated developers require an organization to proceed through a step-by-step process to identify its needs & eventually hire qualified candidates. The transition from accepting the offer letter to an early period of employment is crucial tasks for long-term organizational growth.

The right candidate to be hired is necessary for any organizational success. Devising and implementing a consistent resource for hiring will help you optimize your ability to identify the strongest candidate. Hire developers and engineers that are suitable as per your business requirements.

Tech115 will build the best solution for your startups, enterprise or business. It helps you to easily hire developers for your software, mobile, and web development projects. We can ensure you are hiring the best developers, engineers, and employees for your business.

Value-Based Concept We Offer

Tech115 provides a complete recruiting solution.

Go beyond applicants

We help you to find and hire the right candidate for your company with powerful sourcing tools.

Recruit humans not resume

You can get on any candidate’s detailed information with a single click.

Grow your talent database

Fill your pipeline right away with candidates you already know, so you can get to interviewing faster.

Industries We Serve

We help many organizations to quickly hire the right candidate for you.

  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance)
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Hospitals and Healthcare centers
  • Agriculture

Why Resource Hiring by TECH115?

Tech115 combines the information gained from the core assessment with their professional insights and detail the qualities that indicate a candidate has the potential to be a top performer for that position.
With Tech 115, you can quickly hire developers and engineers such as PHP Developers, VR Developers, AR Developers, JAVA Developers, DBA, QA Associates, Android Developers, iOS Developers and many more. We help you to easily hire developers for your software, mobile, and web development projects.

Finding the right person for the right job fuels success!! We have standardized and well-defined hiring resources to help you with your requirements. Right hiring resources can help you to ease your software, mobile and web development projects get developed on time.
We help you to position right from the very beginning of the hiring process, get the detailed information of all the candidates from various recruiting sources, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on recommended candidates based on the true tasks of the job.