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A hiring platform is an online app developed for Recruiters by Recruiters. The platform is developed to cover every aspect that an individual Recruitment Team would need. An efficient HR recruitment platform development can transform the way your enterprise works. Tech is one Hiring platform Development Company and consultancy that prepares your organization for success even before you even start thinking about hiring a recruitment software developer, looking at some potential “hitches” you can ditch in the hiring process.
The recruitment software’s developed by Tech115 turned out to be not just an application but a valuation of wisdom obtained from the stance of both sides of the hiring coin—most importantly, how the employer & candidate fit together—this is the source to watch.

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Do you wish custom Hiring App Development Company for your business?

Our software is a reflection of globally acknowledged hiring platform, geared up to recruiters looking for a suitable job, candidate as well as professionals looking to network & building an appealing professional portfolio.

You can consider Hiring App Development Company based out of USA— Tech115— for the sake of not only the success of your organizational goals and your organization but also you and your hired force as individual entities.

A dedicated, custom hiring platform is a software app that allows the electronic management of staffing needs. The Best hiring platform can be executed or accessed online for every enterprise depending on the needs of the company.

Why use Hiring Platform Software?

If your organization is offering staffing solutions, then utilizing an optimal hiring platform is likely to increase your productivity. A comprehensive HR recruitment software can help you ease up the tedious tasks such as posting multiple jobs on multiple sites, collection of resumes, maintaining applicants database, identifying suitable candidates, assessing candidates, making offers and various other HR functions. Staffing software can also be developed to suit your particular business needs.

Custom Job Portal Development:

Tech115 custom job portal development solution allows employers and recruiters around the world to track all applications and affiliates from job boards as well as your careers website, all combined in one. Tech115 is a Hiring App Development Company is a specialty software solution and digital evolution agency that offers pioneering engineering solutions, having in its laurels Global 500 companies and world-class brands, cracking complex issues that time n again occur during their digital transformation trek.

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Value-Based Concept We Offer

The Grand Slam Tech offers with its best Hiring Platform
Tech recruitment software is a privilege to not only the recruitment but an organization as a whole. It will have specialized features for employers, candidates, recruiters and HR managers.

Strengthening project hiring top talent
Your HR recruiter/manager will be able to handle the entire system with our Hiring App Development Company that instills special features exclusively for the HR. HR will have the ability to:-

  • Maintain masters, the newsletter, list of candidates
  • View RSS feeds, actuarial, membership details and database
  • Create reports, apply restrictions, manage database
  • Send notification emails to candidates and invoices to employers
  • Maintain create logins for recruiters and user management
  • Integrate payment gateway

Eliminating the need for an internal team to intervene
Recruiters can easily access the data and conduct all the obligatory operations related to hiring. The recruiter will have the ability to:-

  • View details of the applicants
  • Shortlist the resumes
  • Send common emails to candidates and organizations
  • Schedule interviews
  • Set qualifying parameters to reject/select candidates
  • Delimit the number of jobs that recruiters can view
  • Check the preferences of employers/enterprises
  • Manage calls and queries from candidates amongst other functions

Streamlining your entire recruitment process
The main benefit for an employer using hiring platforms for small businesses or any size business is to find potential candidates. The employer will have the ability to:-

  • Post jobs, edit or delete the job vacancy
  • Find candidates who would match the job requirements
  • Create a list of applicants and jobs
  • Create a filter for applicants
  • Shortlist resumes
  • Arrange meetings
  • Check the status of resumes
  • View info of the interview schedules
  • Track candidates amongst other functions

Quick & Hassle-Free Job in hand
A candidate using the Tech’s Hiring App Development Company solution will have the ability to:-

  • Create a resume, upload resume, edit or delete a resume
  • Update skill sets, experience level, work locations, and other requisites
  • View posted jobs, search and apply for a specific job
  • View company profile
  • View interview schedules
  • Print details of the job
  • Read the history of job applications amongst others

Industries We Serve

Tech115, having years of experience in developing software is a proficient Job portal development company having developed custom hiring platform solutions for a number of organizations with diverse and complex needs across technologies and industries including:-

  • Human resource organizations, HR consultants
  • Job placement agencies and job portals
  • Recruitment agencies and manpower consultants
  • Online career portals
  • Staffing agencies and consulting firms
  • Product and service companies
  • Startups and small-scale industries
  • High-grossing companies

Why outsource hiring platform software development to Tech115?

We provide customized cutting edge hiring platforms as well as an applicant tracking system (ATS) that enables you to effortlessly handle all your business and staffing functions. Our recruitment software is well-crafted and highly advanced which is not only flexible but compatible with major operating systems on desktop as well as mobile. Hiring Tech as your b2b or b2c portal development for HR would enable you more than:-

Multiposting to find suitable job seekers

Handling the company’s careers site

Meeting back-office demands

End to End Applicant Tracking

Manage offers and requisitions

Manage jobs and listings

Handling online portals

Interview scheduling

On-boarding system

Social media integration

Tech is also specialized in developing a Social hiring platform that not only engages the entities involved but offers distinctive features for employers, recruiters & managers. Depending on the needs of the business concern, we can develop fully customized, comprehensive recruitment software that can address changing organizational needs and make data handling easier. The supremely skilled software development team at Tech115 is well-versed at using different databases, scripting languages, server-side programming, and database environments.
Cost-effectiveness is another privilege that you get with Tech. Tech115 digital transformation and software development costs are discerned by one a sole factor i.e.: Your budget. We make alterations as to suit your estimate and yet provide you the unparalleled solutions while sticking to the numbers we agree on, from starting to the very end.