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Internet of Things App Development Company is the new hand of molding entire sets of multidimensional industries. It has totally redefined the way we interact with our devices and ourselves.
The opportunities one can attain from IoT integrations are limitless. Considering the future of IoT, and the fact they have already begun in creating digital platforms for organizations in managing internal and external operations.
Tech115 focused to become a leader in IoT Application Development Company so that we could truly unwind a complete set of disruptive digital models and products for our clients. As per reports by McKinsey, it bears the potential to generate about $11.1 Trillion of Economic Value per annum by 2025.

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What is IoT App?

At Tech115 we, design, develop, install and network applications that enable your medical devices, home applications, and industrial equipment to connect them with you securely. We as an IoT Application Development Company facilitate our users within a secure cloud-based platform enabling them to monitor, communicate, and operate the complete system from remote locations. We can and will build you a complete and customized set of end to end systems that are designed for user interface ease. Our IoT application development services team will be alongside you every step of the way, from IoT App Development forward to its implementation, past deployment through Managing Support and Consulting Services. We strive hard to create your dream smart Offices, Smart Homes, and Smart Industry into Reality-based development.

Let IoT Control all of your devices.

Let our IoT solutions infuse life into your devices and step into the smart world of connected a system. We are among one of the more prominent IoT Application Development Companies, which brings you the expertise to design and build a platform that controls all of your devices centrally, leading to enhanced productivity. The IoT applications and services offered by us help in making your organization operations seamless. With easy to use and industry-leading software to enhance business productivity and worker morale.

Why IoT for Business??

The growth in IoT has not only limited to household applications but has empowered businesses to grow extensively. IoT business applications have been helping in turning businesses into “smart” businesses by adopting multiple device connectivity and automation. Here is the reason why the Internet of Things has been helping businesses like yours grow.

Technology driven simple solutions to complex business problems.

Seamless connectivity with zero human touch.

Highly efficient and smoother business operations.

Clear visibility and direct reach to customers.

Improvised customer experience.

An upscale edge to business opportunities in a competitive market.

Value-Based Concept We Offer

Speedy Customized App Development

Connect your product on a channelized system per your choice and help us develop smart applications of your choice

Data science and interpretation specialists

Let our secure, intuitive and scalable IoT application development platform solutions manage your data with endless amounts of business transactions in a breeze.

Dedicated Teams

We offer our clients complete transparency and a complete workflow system to enforce oversight of our Techno-experts allowing for not only oversight and security but knowledge of your systems simultaneously. We are dedicated to developing result-oriented products.

Smart Connected Solutions

Let our flexible APIs designed for IoT Application Development offer your company a chance to accelerate the launch period of your products, utilizing our highly customized applications with a swift On-Off IoT App development tools system

Timely Delivery is a key factor often ignored

Since it is a well-known fact that time is money, we deliver complete customized solutions within stipulated time.

24X7 Support system

Our team is always available to you. We make sure you receive our complete support.

Optimum, Flexible & Economical are all benchmarks of our Full Stack Development

We believe in offering our clients with an Operation that is versatile, product friendly, and cost-effective. Including navigating international laws and products. Providing an Incubating environment that helps them achieve their targets.

Industries We Serve

Businesses willing to improvise their productivity in their overall business operations by cutting on operational costs and expand their serving markets need to adopt IoT application development. IoT can help you achieve higher ROI accompanied by intelligence and connectivity obtained by current Network Solutions. Some of the prominent IoT applications 2019 we have been working upon are as follows:

  • Banking & Insurance
    Smart Kiosks & Accessibility Systems

  • Manufacturing Industries
    Smart Factories, Asset Management

  • Healthcare
    Remote Patient Health Monitoring

  • Retail
    Smart Shelves, Warehouse Automation, Smart Checkout

  • Utility
    Smart Metering, Asset Tracking Solutions

  • Logistics
    Fleet Management and Travel Monitoring

  • Electronics
    Digital machines and Unique Identifiers (UID’s)

  • Automobile/Transportation
    Remote Vehicle Diagnosis

  • Infrastructure
    Traffic systems & Real-Time Analytics

  • Food
    Storage Optimizations and Quality Control

  • Hospitality
    Automated door locks and Thermostats

  • Wearable
    Smart Health and Performance Solutions

Why IOT Services By TECH115?

TECH115 is a globally recognized IT solution company with a profound track record of experience dating back decades delivering world-class mobility and result-oriented solutions. With an extensive understanding of your business and IOT needs, we as an IoT Application Development Company can turn your business into “Smart Enterprise” quickly. We make sure you derive extensive benefits in terms of higher productivity and smooth operational processes leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
We help you in building IoT solutions for each and every device that runs in a cycle connected with Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication) depending on your needs. Our IoT applications for Android and Apple platforms provide you with an environment to control your operations right from your smart devices. We have been empowering our clients from every vertical aspect of their industry through our IoT application management systems. The hybrid environment we offer comprises no part of smart devices connected with the secured cloud-based system. This provides you with a clear competitive edge.