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Played in real time, anyone and everyone can play online multiplayer games. All you need a computer or device to join a multiplayer game. As it is evident from its name, multiple players can join the multiplayer games. There are primarily two types of multiplayer games: Local and Online multiplayer game. While in a local multiplayer game, you can use the same system or device, an online multiplayer game involves multiple players with separate individual systems or devices.
Tech115 is a leading Multiplayer game development company, which is actively involved in Android multiplayer game development and iOS multiplayer game development. In order to make your game an enriching experience, our dedicated teams of experts often burn the midnight oil to understand the psyche of gamers. This helps us design and develop engaging games.

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An Overview of our Multiplayer Game Development Company:

We have a highly experienced team of designers who are looking for ways to design engaging games, which give the users real-time experience. We spend hours testing and monitoring a game before its delivery. This is to ensure that there is minimal scope for glitches during the game. Apart from that, we also offer end-to-end support for our games. This includes bug fixes and post-release updates.

Features of Our Multiplayer Games:


Multiplayer games are supposed to be engaging and entertaining. It is the top-most priority of our developers to create engaging games.


Multiplayer games are all about regular interactions. Therefore, we put extra effort while developing UI of games.


We know the value of interesting & innovative themes. It determines engagement. An appealing theme captures the interest of the gamer.

Types of Multiplayer Games developed at Tech115:

We have categorized every game based on its design, programming, marketing, programming, and testing. Depending on our client’s demand, we can come up with a wide range of games such as:

  • Racing games
  • Adventure games
  • Puzzle games
  • Shooting games
  • Sports game
  • Board game
  • Action game

Why Tech115?

Our game developers have spent a fair share of their lives developing engaging and entertaining games. Therefore, we can proudly say that we know the exact ingredients for developing a real-time multiplayer game. Given the technical expertise of our developers, we ensure an unparalleled gaming experience.

From simple 2-D games to a full-blown adventure game, we can help you with all your multiplayer game development needs.