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A payment or wallet is a mobile application that allows to store and consolidate kinds of payment modes like debit/credit cards or digital money (like cryptocurrency) alongside extra discount cards like vouchers, credit points, coupon codes, labels, loyalty cards, courtesy card, etc under a single platform.
Selecting a mobile application development partner can significantly help you with end-to-end e-payment in an efficient manner. With an efficient e-Payment App Development, the service provider is not only able to offer a simply delightful, seamless user experience but increase its customer ratio and loyalty with the secured, uninterrupted, instant payments solutions.
Payments are a crucial element of any application to earn revenue and generate profits. To accept payments from the users, one requires integrating a payment gateway into their application. A payment gateway is an online check-out solution that sanctions payments and saves consumers from the inconvenience of infrastructure and legal restraints while authorizing the service provider to collect a payment, increase sales. Tech’s online mobile Payment App Development solutions help you accomplish more than just that.

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Why Payment App Development for you?

An intelligent choice of appropriate online payment app development service should assist you in selecting an appropriate payment gateway which is obligatory for any business. While selecting a payment gateway there are 2 significant aspects one must consider – charges per transaction and type of application. Take, for instance, the application is an eCommerce website then a Marketplace supported gateways like PayPal, WorldPay and Amazon Payments need to be contemplated. If the application only seeks to receive money from the user then one can consider Stripe. We have a strong acquaintance with delivering payment gateways that are most popular, most preferable.

We Offer—Scalable Multifunctional Mobile Payment Solutions

Why use the Tech115 cross-platform for your enterprise Payment Apps Development.

Developed on the visionary technology of NodeJS, NFC integration combined with existing API first approach and supported hardware, Tech115 create your personal micro-service structure in the latest, easiest, and adaptable way. Additionally, our professional developers integrate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Quick Response (QR), and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology to mobile payment applications for most reliable transfers and effectual transactions convenient to both entities involved.

Tech115 offers fundamental, web, and hybrid wallet apps for mobiles, tablets and on Windows platforms. We provide payment apps development for peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges using bank account details, credit cards, and debit cards. The cryptocurrency integration like Bitcoin is also supplemented into wallet apps along with multichannel platforms for access to national and international payments. We create payment solutions for mobile apps with tailored integrations to CRM card-on-file platforms for access control, shopping cart purchases, utility payments, bill pay, transaction view/reconciliation, and standing instructions, etc.

It is not easy to find a digital partner that offers custom Mobile e-wallet Development and integration solutions that leeway 3rd party service providers like Amazon money, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PaySafe, and Neteller. Our developers built e-wallet payments platforms with debit, credit, prepaid cards, loyalty, bonds plus custom integrations to 3rdparty vendors such as MIDAX and 3rdparty POS software vendors, including Equinox, CardFlight, and Clover.

Do you want to evade the event of getting your app renounced only after its first use? Our modern user interface allows for instant notifications on user’s devices regarding the latest offers, a discount administrator has in the digital app. In order to keep the consumers engaged, the administrator is equipped with a tailored tool to share custom coupons, deals and freebies with them to keep them engrossed in the application.

A digital payment app development is only successful and fruitful if the users can rely on its security structure. The digital mobile wallet needs users to store their bank details or enter their passwords. As a developer, we understand our prime responsibility is to ensure data security by employing state-of-the-art technology methods that are hard to decrypt.

With our hybrid platform and compatibility features that cover the whole wheel of the application lifecycle, app engineers can achieve more utilizing the low-code features to save time. We also provide a mechanism of a digital receipt wherein the user will have a confirmation about the success or failure of every transaction performed.

Industries that benefit from e-payment applications?

It’s undeniable that mobile payments apps are usually affiliated with the financial sectors since it involves monetary transactions. However, the mobile wallet apps can act as negotiable instruments that will be true to a variety of sectors such as:
  • Retail & E-commerce Traders:
    In the retail sector, the e-payment wallet is either used for m-Commerce shops or as a supplement to the available mobile app. Mobile Wallet payments apps in the retail sector permit the users to cache the key information about their sales. It also aids them to reap merits from payments via vouchers, rewards, loyalty cards, and bonuses.

  • Financial institutions:
    These establishments such as tech enterprises, and telecommunication are the major players for which the Payment App development plays a major role in the financial segment. The application offers users a variety of facilities such as credit cards, debit cards, banks while bestowing consumers with the administrator.

  • Travel & Hospitality:
    Enhance the comfort and experience of your resort with practical payment software solutions without any hassle. They overcome the odd of integrating different payment cards from different banks in the mobile wallet.

  • Logistics:
    Using all the modern check-out technology available, we make sure that your logistics, transportation, and carriage companies work like a clockwork. We have provided our logistic partners with simplified payment app development solutions where you can quickly create micro-service oriented strategies, thus higher productivity.


The professional in-housed at Tech115 is well-versed with the revolutionary technological advancements and trends and can encourage you in developing a better solution than the existing ones. We ought to offer our clients with the futuristic digital service solutions that are under analysis in the market. You can expect Tech to deliver Payment apps like Klarna which will be better devised in terms of reliable and secure payment transfers, a better digital payment solution relevant for every business model.
However, before finalizing a development partner for your Payment Apps for Business, you need to do your research work to study their profile, previous work and check if they have done similar projects. Learning these will help you come with the most suitable, fathomable development partner.
Tech115 develops a brilliant mobile payment platform from stem-to-stern that allows for most secure data collection and reliable payment transfers accommodating for every business model.

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