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What is User Management Application?

User management describes the management of user’s data. The user management application helps you to manage and store every single piece of information efficiently. It helps you to find any users information in one place. You can maintain every record of your users information right from recruiting to the retiring or firing process.

Tech115 provides the simplest and easiest to operate user management applications. These help manage users identities. With Tech115, you can easily and quickly access the analytics of your users such as their work progress based on a daily or weekly schedule. By the second if desired.

Why user Management Application for Your Business?

Traditionally, user management has been grounded with on-premises servers, databases and closed virtual private networks (VPN). However, recent trends show up growth towards cloud-based access management wherein granting admins even greater control over digital assets. The complicated process can leave organizations unproductive.

Effective user management applications streamline the process of storing users(employees) information in the organization. It helps you to give an analytic view of your employee’s progress and the company’s growth. By decreasing the time and complexity of user provisioning, it can help you reduce the number of help desk calls, increase employee productivity and more to add up – it can be cost-efficient!!

Value-Based Concept We Offer

Secure and scalable

As a fully managed service, our apps are easy to set up with server infrastructure and it provides scales to millions of users.

Access control

Our backend resource control solution can define different roles to users which helps them to access only authorized resources.


Tech115 supports multi-factor authentication and encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit.

Standard authentication

Our user management module has a standard identity provider and access management standards.

Easy integration

With a built-in UI and easy configuration for federating identity providers, you can integrate Tech115 to add user sign-in, sign-up, sign-out and access control to your app in minutes. You can customize the UI to put your company branding front and center for all user interactions.

Industries We Serve

Coupled with web applications, organizations have more IT resources available at their fingertips than ever before, so user management has turned out to be essential for any business.

  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance)

  • Manufacturing Industries

  • Hospitals and Healthcare centers

  • Agriculture

  • Food processing units

  • Government Agencies

Why User Management Services By TECH115?

Easily manage user profiles

One can easily create and manage user profiles and assign rights using a user-friendly admin console or programmatically via APIs.

Efficiently migrate large scale user data

Seamlessly migrate large scale data into a modern cloud infrastructure. This can not only help to make the organization’s admin process easier but also reduce data redundancies and management, and helps to increase transparency and improve security privacy.