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With the widespread virtual reality vogue, a twirl of trend has entered into the gaming industry. It is one of the Avant-grade technologies allowing developers to create highly enticing and realistic gaming solutions. As an outcome, there is a massive demand for virtual reality game development globally. However, VR games that incite an engaging reality to the players of the virtual world seeking out for highly elating & entertaining games call for a world-class VR game development company or VR game developers offering technologically-advanced, reliable and most-efficient game development services. One top VR game developers that endeavor the spearhead technologies, accepts challenging gaming projects, deliver excellent outcomes within the stipulated time frame with VR Game Development Cost on competitive grounds is— “Tech115”. So, those disappointed with the repetitive, dusted dames, the top of the line “Tech115” can be your possible course of action.

Hire the Best Virtual Reality (VR) Game Developers

With a squad of skilled VR game developers; ‘Tech115’ is a prototype in the vanguard of game development in the Virtual Reality industry. The highly experienced team has developed some truly exhilarating virtual reality games for devices like Samsung, HTC Vive, Google Microsoft Hololens, and Android VR Game Development.


Choosing Tech115 completely offers an acoustic advantage with immersive VR gaming experience truly bridging the gap between the real world and an imitated reality. Various other benefits include but not limited to:-

Active work progress with complete transparency

A huge heap of VR gaming technologies

Interactive apps for Training and Learning

Flawless database connectivity

High-quality 3D designs & stereoscopic display, gives visual and tactile experience

High-resolution visualization with 360-degree panoramic videos & images

Wide range of VR app development & systems across multiple platforms

Best Approach to Developing Best Virtual Reality Games @ Tech115

Following a client-centric approach using Avant-garde infrastructure, scalable solutions, transparent pricing policy in order to deliver results that are matchless on all grounds. Following a strict step-by-step product development process, such as:

Understanding the fact that a VR game or app can succeed in the competitive market only if it based on a solid structure and robust concept, Tech115, thus, focus on developing a fully-functional and innovative concept, content, and composition, for your gaming project. Capturing client needs (simple or complex) through interactive sessions; the Tech115 team analyzes project requirements, technical viability and thus recommends trailblazing VR game development.

Practicing a cultured procedure in order to develop the project that is exactly as per client’s requirements and outshines market expectations, the developers first discuss the project in detail. One the client finalizes the design and idea, we deploy our best developers to ensure an unparalleled outcome.

The next step also one of the most crucial involves executing an appropriate design that combines the latest UI & UX design fad and features. Designs are developed keeping in consideration the supplied design specifications, current market standards, as well as input from our professional designers.

We execute Designs offering both use and ease and elating UI for fascinating user experience. Managing agile during development, the client is given the opportunity to both uses and test the project, and all feedback is fed into the project.

We incorporate UAT Testing and assure accordance with the various standards to guarantee quality products in addition to real and unusual gaming through quality programming.

Only Developing a VR solution is a job half done until it’s testing on a suitable platform is performed. The major part of testing involves ensuring that the app works faultlessly and incessantly. At this stage, certain changes are made with respect to making the app a delightful experience for users.

Once the game or app is approved from the client’s end, we then launch it in the app store ensuring that all issues are resolved beforehand the product is launched.

We even employ a digital marketing team that assists you with app launch in the market.

Cutting-edge VR Game Development Tools for all the major platforms @ Tech115

Leading Virtual Reality (VR) Games for all the major platforms @ Tech115

Businesses Benefited from Virtual Reality Apps & Games @Tech115

  • Blender

  • Cryengine

  • VR Game Development in Unity

  • Unity 3D

  • Unreal Engine

  • Sketch-up

  • 3DS Max & Maya

  • Adventure & Action (VR) Games

  • Arcade (VR) Games

  • Kids learning (VR) Games

  • Puzzle Solving (VR) Games

  • FPS (VR) Game Development

  • Sports (VR) Games Development

  • Racing (VR) Games Development

  • Retail & eCommerce

  • Real Estate

  • Healthcare, Dermatology & Medical

  • Education & Training

  • Movies & Entertainment

  • Travel & Tourism & Hospitality

  • Automobile Advertising